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The marketplace is moving and changing at ever-increasing speeds, and one of the ways businesses are seeking to keep up is by investing in digital transformation efforts. What separates successful digital transformations from those that fall short? The differentiator is business synchrony, or the deployment of a digital business model that starts with a clear strategy and intentionally integrates people, processes and technology to enable sustainable transformation.

Attend this session to learn how today’s Finance organizations are planning to achieve more with less and regain profitability.  This session will discuss key principles around business synchronization and digital transformation to leave you with real-world examples of how others are pushing the needle forward in the areas of:

  • ROI:  How to accelerate and sustain a planned business transformation
  • Cost: Reduce operational costs through optimized finance business processes and technology efficiencies
  • Transparency:  Increase organizational competencies that are leverageable across the enterprise
  • Synchronization:  Integration of data across departments,  applications  and reporting solutions