This webinar will address the growing need and interest that North American CFOs have in raising capital through low cost, off-balance sheet funding. The webinar will also highlight the benefits of doing so by tapping into European funding sources. Lastly, participants will learn about the differences between Receivables Financing and Asset-Based Lending.

Proof is always in the details. During the webinar, CFOs will learn about a recent transaction between a large North American retail goods company and Coface, an international insurer with a strong funding portfolio. Specifics of the transaction will be shared such as; why the retailer chose Receivables Financing vs Asset-Based Lending, how Demica facilitated the introduction to the European funder, how the deal was structured and how outcomes were achieved. By the end of the webinar the audience will:

  • Have a better understanding of why Receivables Financing may be a more suitable option than Asset-Based Lending or other forms of debt
  • Be able to identify when a company is in a good position to sell its receivables
  • Discover the advantages of gaining access to European funding sources
  • Understand how Demica consults on deal structuring and facilitates access to a deep pool of global funding partners