COVID-19 unceremoniously thrust massive, unexpected change management and agile operations responsibilities onto CFOs when fast-moving supply chain shifts and critical inventory shortages put the viability of their businesses in jeopardy. Finance leaders who were already busy navigating the financial ramifications of the pandemic—as well as constantly evolving tariff restrictions and financial regulations—now had new duties that made for an overwhelming situation for many CFOs. Yet other CFOs embraced—and even welcomed—these new responsibilities. And they uniformly share one key trait: they're all insight-driven.

Bessemer Ventures Operating Partner Jeff Epstein knows how important operational insights are to growing a business. These insights are what helped him as a CFO successfully lead financial operations for Oracle, one of the largest and most profitable technology companies in the world.

By attending this webinar, you will understand exactly how the CFO role has changed, exactly what's required to achieve insight-driven decision making, and how you as a CFO can quickly evolve your finance function to get there. You will learn:

  • How to use data to position your CFO office as the center of excellence for operational insights and change management at your company
  • How key insights for enterprise scenario planning, cost reductions, operating models, remote work, digital transformation, and customer service can help you better protect your financials and preserve customer satisfaction
  • How moving from canned reporting to unlimited, active, and self-service analysis of comprehensive data in near real time is the only way to confidently access, understand, and put to use complex data from any system