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​2020 was a long year for everyone, however, many healthcare companies had a particularly difficult time dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Aside from the obvious influx of patients needing treatment in hospitals across the world, the need for more raw materials (i.e. - masks, gowns, ventilators, etc.) was acutely felt by individual consumers, public health facilities, and private practices alike.

The healthcare supply chain was stretched to a breaking point during the height of the pandemic as individuals and businesses alike made a mad dash to order virus-preventing supplies. For many healthcare businesses, finding/acquiring the right medical paraphernalia was only the first hurdle in a broken procure-to-pay process. However, these are not new issues for the healthcare industry; like other sectors that have been around for centuries, healthcare companies can be slower to adopt new tools or processes, which can leave them strategically unprepared for new challenges, stunt their future growth, or even force them to shutter. 

Join our webinar on May 12th to learn about financial automation best practices. Through the lens of a case study from a healthcare business, we'll discuss the steps that leading organizations take to ensure their business is prepared to navigate what’s next, the pertinent role of finance in strategizing for your future, and much more. We’ll discuss:

  • Setting up your organization with the right financial tools to fuel growth
  • The importance of a centralized accounting system & a well-connected financial automation toolset 
  • Reducing the use of paper checks for more secure, cost-effective methods
  • How to eliminate 80% or more of your manual accounts payable process