As businesses increasingly place dependence on financial services firms, finance executives must rely more than ever on advances in technology to effectively gauge and identify opportunities to improve their firms' financial health. 

During the pandemic, cloud-based access to financial information and automation of routine finance tasks emerged as top priorities among finance executives, given the necessity of enabling the teams they lead to work remotely. But beyond providing finance teams with the ability to perform their responsibilities amid the pandemic, finance executives have also had to reconsider their own roles and the capabilities they require to fulfill them.

With shrinking time horizons for forecasting and planning, finance executives will need to accelerate their analysis of their firms' performance while broadening their analysis to encompass nonfinancial metrics. During this webcast, we will reveal how finance executives can apply technological advances, including those in robotic process automation and machine learning, to streamline tasks finance teams have traditionally performed while contributing real-time analysis that informs their firms' strategic decisions. By attending this webcast, you will learn:

  • How the role of the finance function has evolved among financial services firms during the pandemic,
  • What capabilities finance leaders require to enable financial services firms to adapt quickly to circumstances they cannot always anticipate, and
  • How finance leaders can apply advances in technology to gain insight into their firms' current performance and identify opportunities to improve their firms' performance over the long term.

Attendees will also receive free CPE credits.