For many organizations, budgeting is a point-in-time-event to be completed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The traditional process is far from collaborative or efficient, and the budget does little to provide the necessary insights to shape decisions or evaluate the performance of key business drivers.

The pandemic has highlighted that organizations can no longer continue to rely on the same tools and processes amidst today's complexity and volatility. So how do organizations move forward?

Join this webinar where we'll discuss how to better align budgeting and forecasting processes and what a flexible approach looks like moving forward. We will also discuss:

  • The benefits of moving beyond manual and static budgeting processes, including more accurate forecasts that promote resilience and improved cash flow
  • How CFOs can champion a more integrated process that evolves budgeting into a more useful tool for forecasting and planning
  • The role of automation and data in generating more efficient and insightful budgets, especially during uncertain times