Professional services firms have relied on a variety of ways to respond to changing demand, such as by acquiring or partnering with other firms. But until the emergence of the pandemic, professional services firms typically left their technological infrastructures intact and regarded digital acceleration as a long-term aspirational goal. 

Amid disruptions to traditional methods of service delivery, and given the necessity of employing remote workforces, many firms now recognize digital acceleration as a top priority. To support digital acceleration, finance leaders have had to determine whether their firms have sufficient time and resources to replace a hodgepodge of financial systems, or whether their firms should instead seek more efficient ways to use their existing systems while maintaining the integrity of the data they convey.

As time horizons for digital acceleration continue to narrow, finance leaders need to ensure that their financial systems, like the firms that depend on them, remain reliable and secure yet adapt quickly to unanticipated circumstances. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why digital acceleration is now a top priority for professional services firms
  • Which obstacles to digital acceleration persist
  • How finance leaders in professional services firms can apply advances in technology to support and sustain digital acceleration

Attendees will also receive free CPE credits.