The necessity of working remotely during the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of the finance function from supervising routine tasks to informing strategic decisions. Out of necessity, finance executives have sought ways to apply advances in automation so that the teams they lead devote less time to fulfilling reporting obligations in the short term and more time to contributing analytical expertise that underlies their companies' planning for the long term. In order to apply advances in automation, finance executives will need to overcome organizational barriers to gathering, as well as sharing, accurate information about their companies' current performance and future prospects. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How organizational barriers exacerbate inefficiencies that undermine a company's ability to evaluate and communicate accurately about its performance,
  • What technological advances can help finance leaders remove these barriers, and 
  • What skills finance executives need to develop within the teams they lead to enable them to apply automation to reporting on the past and apply analytical expertise to informing their companies' plans for the future.

Attendees will also receive free CPE credits.