​In a recent global survey of finance, accounting and tax professionals about their intercompany processes and operations, respondents reported significant issues with intercompany, with near total agreement (99%) that the critical accounting responsibilities are becoming more challenging.  Respondents overwhelmingly shared that intercompany issues negatively impact the accounting, finance and tax operations while creating stress. And 90% state that all-nighters are a regular occurrence for their teams as a result.

Intercompany has never been easy, but mandates like e-invoicing, increasing tax complexity and multiple ERPs are making it harder. Join industry experts as they detail the survey’s findings and steps you can take to better manage intercompany operations. You will learn:

  • How your financial, accounting and tax operations for intercompany compare to others
  • Insights into why there are intercompany issues, including the resulting impacts
  • Actions you can take to streamline intercompany to drive cost savings and increase efficiency