Among finance leaders' primary concerns throughout the pandemic is ensuring their companies have sufficient cash flow to sustain their businesses. At a time when companies have to plan for multiple scenarios concerning cash flow, including scenarios that in previous years they would have considered unimaginable, finance leaders may perceive they lack the resources to prepare their companies for an uncertain future.

But with advances in machine learning, finance leaders can bolster their companies' existing resources. That's because they can combine the knowledge that finance teams accumulate from experience alongside the speed with which computers can evaluate a variety of scenarios to help inform decisions far more quickly than human beings on their own. As a result of using human and artificial intelligence to gain visibility into cash flow, finance leaders enable their companies to establish greater control over cash flow. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why finance leaders need to rethink traditional approaches to forecasting cash flow
  • How finance leaders adapt to increasing complexity inherent in forecasting cash flow by employing best practices in scenario planning
  • What finance leaders need to know about using machine learning to accelerate decisions about how best to manage cash flow