Your KPIs Are Vital To Your Biz: How Well Do You Know Them?

July 15, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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​In healthcare, patients are number one. But how well do you know the numbers that keep your healthcare business afloat? Unless you have a deep understanding of revenue and expenses—from customers to patients, employees to vendors—chances are your organization isn’t faring as well as it could be.

Sage Intacct may be the solution. Its cloud accounting and financial management software allows for tracking and reporting of financial and operational data (think: square footage, available hospital beds, etc.) on an easy-to-use dashboard. Companies can explore income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow to understand and forecast the data. In this webinar, hosted by Sage Intacct’s communications and software solutions executives, you’ll get a comprehensive demo of the dashboard that enables clients to:

  • Sort and report on multi-dimensional data
  • Track key performance indicators
  • Measure and communicate KPIs to key stakeholders