Risk management that keeps you one step ahead

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Whether it’s the transition away from LIBOR or the adoption of ESG performance metrics, CFOs face an alphabet soup of risks.

Inflation is rising, cyber threats are growing, and pandemic-fueled fraud is persisting even as the economy moves on from the worst of COVID-19.

Even the recurring revenue business model, which companies in virtually all industries are adopting, is suddenly in the spotlight, and not in a good way. The Federal Trade Commission has begun looking into negative-option pricing, a model that’s increasingly popular because of its positive impact on renewals. 

Without a doubt, CFOs are facing a range of risks that either didn’t exist a decade ago, like the London Interbank Overnight Rate (LIBOR) transition and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, or are intensifying, like inflation and digital security. 

To help you as you work with your team to manage the risks your organization faces, we’ve compiled a selection of articles from CFO Dive that share what finance leaders are doing to prepare for the uncertainty. The pieces look at taxes, inflation, LIBOR, ESG, security, insurance, supply chains, and pricing models, among other risks you could be facing. We hope you find the selection helpful.

Robert Freedman Senior Editor

CFOs facing an unprecedented range of risks find an edge in analytics

CFOs are adapting to an unusually hazardous business landscape by forecasting with advanced data analytics.

• Published March 8, 2021

Inflation: 5 CFO tips for limiting harm

Amid signs of rising inflation, economists and financial executives suggest ways that CFOs can buffer against the damage from unstable prices.

• Published June 2, 2021

ESG: Companies ignoring expectations may become 'uninvestable'

• Published May 7, 2021

LIBOR: Lawsuits await companies lagging on transition

There’s little chance regulators will delay the December 2021 transition because of the pandemic, specialists say.

• Published Sept. 29, 2020

Supply chains: CFOs rethinking cost savings of just-in-time strategy

Covid-related disruptions made it clear a broader strategic approach is needed even once a supply and demand equilibrium is restored.

• Published June 15, 2021

Security: Colonial hack a wake-up call to CFOs with legacy systems

Older systems leave finance and accounting operational data at risk of breach, security specialists say.

• Published May 14, 2021

Fraud: Eased pandemic won't change elevated risk

Examiners say fraud steadily rose as the pandemic deepened and will remain elevated this year.

• Published March 25, 2021

Recurring revenue: FTC scrutinizing negative-option pricing model

Although the Federal Trade Commission is focused on consumer abuses, the business-to-business side of recurring revenue could be affected if rule changes result.

• Published June 4, 2021

Health insurance: Companies losing out on rebates

• Published May 11, 2021

Tax: Multinationals face $1.2 trillion over 10 years under Biden plan

• Published April 28, 2021

Risk management that keeps CFOs one step ahead

Without a doubt, CFOs are facing a much wider range of risks that either didn’t exist a decade ago, or keep intensifying. Whether it’s the transition away from LIBOR or the adoption of ESG performance metrics, finance leaders must handle a greater responsibility to keep their organization risk free.

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  • Inflation: 5 CFO tips for limiting harm
  • ESG: Companies ignoring expectations may become 'uninvestable'
  • How CFOs are facing climbing legal risks
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