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  • The front of the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.
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    Dobbs decision will cause worker retention challenges for CFOs

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade will likely lead to sweeping logistical and worker retention challenges for CFOs and employers operating across state lines, experts say. 

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    Fed inflation fight 'highly likely to involve some pain': Powell

    Powell committed the Fed to hitting its 2% inflation target as rising prices undermined consumer expectations and increased the odds of a recession.

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    CFO, business optimism hits 12-year low: JPMorgan

    In spite of the “drastic” decline in business leader optimism, JPMorgan’s Ginger Chambless doesn’t expect companies to make “material” capital spending cuts this year.  

  • Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Building in Washington DC
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    SEC fines EY $100M for ethics exam cheating

    The SEC penalty against EY follows a $50 million fine against KPMG in 2019 for cheating on internal training exams.

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    Fundbox CFO: Shifting product strategies could help SMBs curb inflation

    Smaller businesses must reconsider their product strategy to meet inflation challenges, Fundbox CFO Marten Abrahamsen said.

  • Dollar Tree's CFO to depart in C-suite shakeout

    Gone or nearly gone following an activist revolt are the discounter’s chief financial, operating, information, strategy and legal officers.

  • SEC under fire
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    SPAC backing Trump issued grand jury subpoenas, shares plunge

    Federal investigations of Trump’s attempted SPAC deal may set back his plan to build a social media channel and bounce back from his Twitter ban.

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    EU global minimum tax plan hits Hungarian road 'bump'

    Hungary’s eleventh hour opposition included concerns about the war in Ukraine and fears about being a first mover on the Pillar Two rules, according to a PwC report. 

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    McDonald's international president to take on CFO role

    Ian Borden, a 28-year veteran of the firm, will take on the role of CFO for McDonald's beginning Sept. 1 as the fast-food chain shuffles top executives.

  • Protestors gathered in front of the Supreme Court to protest Roe v. Wade being overturned.
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    With Roe overturned, employers eye changes to abortion-access benefits

    With politics increasingly becoming a workplace issue, employers and C-suite executives have had to navigate how and when to make statements and changes to benefits.

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    Technology literacy is key for candidates aspiring to the CFO seat

    Fostering greater technological literacy and taking on the responsibility of growing and enhancing their organization’s data utilization could be one way future CFO candidates differentiate themselves from the pack come hiring.

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    FASB preps to revamp 'outdated' accounting for software

    FASB’s latest move comes as the typically slow-moving U.S. standard-setter has been on something of a tear lately, grappling with hot-button issues including cryptocurrency and goodwill.

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    Businesses nudged to decentralize cybersecurity leadership

    The push to enable employees to make informed security decisions comes amid an increase in the rate and severity of cyberattacks.

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    Successful AI deployment relies on finding key talent: Gartner

    CFOs should implement four key behaviors to drive AI in finance out of its infancy and see quicker returns, according to Gartner.  

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    Predictable spend can flip view of legal as cost center

    Every CFO's in-house legal team has matters with well-defined outlays. The department should aim to realize those easy wins to show control is within reach, a budget specialist says.

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    PCAOB strengthens requirements for lead auditors

    The new requirements come as many companies have expanded their operations globally, leading to an increase in audits executed by multiple accounting firms. 

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    Carlsberg CFO to depart for private equity-backed firm

    International brewer Carlsberg CFO Heine Dalsgaard will step down from his role to take on another CFO position at an undisclosed private equity-backed firm.

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    Cosmopolitan CFO jumps to SeaWorld financial helm

    Michelle F. Adams, formerly CFO of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, will take the financial helm for theme park and entertainment firm SeaWorld.

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    Just one in three CFOs have appetite for more risk: Deloitte

    Finance chiefs in the technology, financial services, and manufacturing industries were the least inclined to take on more risk, according to the Deloitte survey.

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    Discover CFO eyes benefits of downturn

    As smaller fintechs grapple with restructuring challenges, the card company expects there will be more opportunities for it in hiring talent and acquiring businesses, said CFO John Greene.

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    Icahn sues, questions 'basic integrity' of trillion-dollar CMBS market

    The suit comes as the pandemic accelerated changes in shopping and work habits that drive how retail and offices are used and valued, leaving financial executives to grapple with rising uncertainty around how to assess commercial real estate holdings. 

  • Affirm and Amazon
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    Affirm CFO takes on BNPL skeptics, shrugs off new competition

    Apple's entry into the buy now-pay later market isn't a concern for Affirm, the company's Chief Financial Officer Michael Linford asserted Tuesday.

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    FASB drops four-year project changing goodwill accounting

    The U.S. accounting standard-setter shelved a proposal recasting how companies account for an estimated $3.6 trillion in goodwill on their balance sheets.

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    Courtesy of Pitney Bowes

    Pitney Bowes CFO taps robots, targets more shipping

    U.S. parcel shipping volume rose 6% in 2021 to a record high of 21.5 billion from 20.3 billion in 2020, according to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index.

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    Comera Life Sciences taps Boston Scientific veteran for CFO role

    Boston Scientific alum Michael Campbell will act as CFO for recently public life sciences Comera, taking the helm approximately one month following the company’s SPAC merger.