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    CFOs continue talent retention battle

    Despite finance chiefs’ efforts to streamline the work of finance departments, only 20% saw talent retention as an ensuing benefit, Deloitte’s Q3 Signals Survey said.

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    Fed redoubles inflation fight, raising main rate 75 basis points

    Fed officials raised their projections for inflation and unemployment while marking down their forecasts for economic growth.

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    Visa CFO eyes B2B, remittances for growth

    Visa is eyeing certain portions of the B2B market for near-term growth, the company’s chief financial officer said during a conference last week. It’s also building out its network for remittances.

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    Nearly half of CFOs ditching just-in-time supply chains: Study

    Cybersecurity, emerging technologies and inflation also remain top priorities for CFOs over the next 12 months as they look to navigate a challenging economic environment.

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    CFOs need to prep for healthcare’s lagging inflation

    Healthcare costs are expected to jump 6.0% next year. CFOs must prepare accordingly, advises WTW’s Tim Stawicki. 

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    FASB LIBOR relief draws support, deadline nears

    The proposal would extend accounting relief for another two years to borrowers switching LIBOR-linked loans to new benchmarks.

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    Fed tightening deepens housing recession

    Record home prices, mounting construction costs and a Fed-spurred rise in mortgage rates have worsened a downturn in housing, homebuilders said.

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    SEC presses for economic risk disclosures

    The SEC’s focus on disclosures related to turbulence in the economy comes as the agency pushes companies to disclose more about executive pay. 

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    Citi alum takes on permanent CFO role for Tanger REIT

    The REIT appointed Citi managing director Michael Bilerman to its top financial seat three months after ousting its previous CFO, a 28-year veteran of the company.

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    Reputation’s new CFO says scenario planning is key

    Seasoned SaaS financial leader Marc Linden says CFOs need to prepare for macroeconomic turbulence. 

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    Suspended Ammo CSO protests ‘misleading claims’ as board skirmish continues

    Ammunitions manufacturer Ammo Inc. and its top shareholder, Urvan Group, are continuing to tussle over its future leadership as suspended executives protest ‘misleading claims.’

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    CFOs see hiring woes persisting into 2023: Gartner

    Hiring and retaining workers, forecasting and cost-cutting are the top three most difficult tasks on CFOs’ to-do lists over the next 12 months, according to a recent Gartner survey. 

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    Most CFOs say controllership not ready for digital future

    Financial executives said controllers are not fully equipped to take on a bigger role in strategic planning, according to a survey by Deloitte and the Institute of Management Accountants.

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    Emmi Group poaches CFO from Calida Group

    The dairy producer appointed Sacha D. Gerber as CFO. Gerber plans to leave the top financial position at luxury underwear company Calida Group.

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    Recession likely from Q4 through Q1 2023, Conference Board says

    Fed tightening, stubbornly high inflation and a slump in consumer spending will probably trigger a downturn during the fourth quarter, the Conference Board said.

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    Nearly one third of employers balk at pay transparency: study

    With more states requiring pay disclosures, companies and their financial executives need to develop a consistent national strategy, said Mariann Madden of WTW. 

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    Expedia swipes CFO from home retailer Williams-Sonoma

    Williams-Sonoma CFO Julie Whalen will move to the top financial seat for travel and hospitality service Expedia Group as it looks to enact a new sustainability strategy.

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    Slowing economy could mean boost for budget-friendly litigation finance

    The appeal of litigation finance — which has evolved into a $17 billion business — could rise in a slowing economy as investors warm to non-correlated assets.

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    30% of CFOs see economic downturn triggering layoffs: study

    CFOs expect potential layoffs, workforce retention challenges and move to implement cost-cutting measures as an economic downturn becomes more likely.

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    Closing funding gender gap is long-term play, female execs say

    Only 2% of venture capital dollars are going to female founders, but ensuring a pipeline of successful female-led firms requires an intentional strategy.

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    CFOs need to ‘get smart’ about ESG reporting

    “ESG requirements are changing the landscape of corporate America,” said Lisa Edwards, president and chief operating officer of SaaS firm Diligent.  

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    New PayPal CFO takes medical leave

    PayPal SVP of Capital Markets Gabrielle Rabinovitch will step in for her second round as interim CFO as Jorgensen departs for medical leave.

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    Private companies grapple with FASB lease accounting rules

    Private companies have voiced concerns about the complexity of updated lease accounting rules, a FASB staff member reported Wednesday. 

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    Producer prices show inflation spreading

    Rising costs for transportation and other services suggest that inflation is gaining strength across the economy.

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    Grindr appoints new CFO as it readies for IPO

    The dating app operator named a former Disney exec as its CFO as it moves forward with plans to go public later this year.