2020 was a year of dramatic change for the banking world: with COVID-19 accelerating the shift to digitization and the launch of thousands of new fintech startups that offer the latest financial tools and technology, it’s become more challenging than ever to stay relevant and visible. 

As we emerge from the pandemic, the banking landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, making it vital for fintech startups to understand your customers and what they want. In this webinar, industry leaders examine the behavioral and attitudinal trends that will drive sustained growth in 2021 and beyond. They’ll also analyze the key unknowns facing the digital banking industry as we head into the “new normal,” including:

  • Is digital-only banking here to stay, or do consumers crave a human relationship in banking?
  • Has the gap between traditional banks and fintechs been closed?
  • How can brands maintain a competitive edge in this new world?