• U.S. economy contracted for second consecutive quarter
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    Banking turmoil may trigger recession: Fannie Mae

    Small- and mid-size banks will likely tighten credit in the coming months, increasing the odds of a downturn this year, economists said.

    By March 24, 2023
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.
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    Fed hikes main rate by quarter-point, notes ‘resilient’ banking system

    The central bank tightened borrowing costs despite banking instability as inflation persists well above its 2% target.

    By March 22, 2023
  • Explore the Trendline
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    Giving your working capital plan a fresh look

    The return to more normal operations as the pandemic eases is a good time to take a fresh look at your current expenses and liabilities and whether your working-capital ratio is right for your organization. 

    By CFO Dive staff
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    Fed likely to hike main rate despite banking turmoil: economists

    Banks will likely reduce lending in coming months, complementing Fed efforts to cool the economy while increasing the risk of recession, economists said.

    By March 21, 2023
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    IRS misses deadline for upgrading business transcript system

    The IRS has faltered as it shifts business tax transcript requests from a paper to an online system, according to the agency’s inspector general.

    By March 20, 2023
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    FASB kicks off comment period on income-tax updates

    While previous FASB efforts to update accounting standards for taxes have fizzled, Chair Richard Jones has said tweaks to the project’s scope have made it achievable.

    By March 15, 2023
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    Core inflation rises, challenging Fed amid banking instability

    Even as high inflation persists, the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has undercut expectations that the Fed will step up the pace of monetary tightening.

    By March 14, 2023
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    Drew Angerer/Getty Images via Getty Images

    Biden support for depositors may not brighten credit outlook

    The high-profile failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature to hedge against interest rate risk may lead to a period of tighter credit, economists and financial advisers said.

    By March 13, 2023
  • An Internal Revenue Service building.
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    Wary CFOs get new COVID tax credit warning

    The latest IRS warning comes as some CFOs are already hesitant about looking into whether their firm is legitimately eligible for the CARES Act tax credit. 

    By March 9, 2023
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.
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    Powell testimony fuels expectations of half-point Fed rate hike

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell told a House committee Wednesday that the central bank is concerned about persistent price pressures and is determined to reduce inflation to its 2% target.

    By March 8, 2023
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    Powell says Fed may hike rates more than forecast

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell told a Senate committee that reducing inflation to the central bank’s 2% target may not lead to widespread layoffs.

    By March 7, 2023
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    IRS Commissioner-nominee pledges to uncover corporate taxes owed

    Billions of dollars in new funding for the IRS will not go toward increasing the audit rate for businesses and taxpayers that make less than $400,000 per year, Daniel Werfel said.

    By March 1, 2023
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    Consumer confidence sags on outlook for economy, wages

    Although emboldened in January by a hot job market, U.S. households may begin to trim spending amid rising prices and borrowing costs, the Conference Board said.

    By Feb. 28, 2023
  • Construction worker onsite
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    Courtesy of Associated Builders and Contractors

    Economists push back estimated recession date: NABE

    Data on the housing market, employment, manufacturing and other measures of economic performance challenge predictions of imminent recession.

    By Feb. 27, 2023
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    3 currency hedging lessons learned

    The U.S. dollar has eased off a two-decade high hit in September. U.S. Bank’s Paula Comings is still advising companies to revisit their hedging policies.

    By Feb. 23, 2023
  • Federal Reserve building at night
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    Fed officials leaned toward more tightening, minutes show

    Policymakers on Feb. 1 favored more increases in the main interest rate. Since then data has indicated that inflation remains higher than anticipated.

    By Feb. 22, 2023
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    CEOs expect recession but pessimism eases from Q4

    The Conference Board found in a survey that the outlook among CEOs has brightened compared with the final three months of last year.

    By Feb. 17, 2023
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    Rapid inflation persists as Fed officials favor higher rates

    Federal Reserve policymakers have recently voiced particular concern for persistently high gains in prices for services excluding housing.

    By Feb. 14, 2023
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    Megan Quinn/CFO Dive

    CPAs urge lawmakers to enact ‘fairer’ tax code

    The AICPA recommends changes to the tax code as Republicans intensify opposition to the Biden administration’s signature tax policy initiatives.

    By Feb. 13, 2023
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    Inflation erodes US company growth, return on capital: McKinsey

    When facing persistent price pressure, companies need to focus more on sustaining gains in profit margins and return on capital, McKinsey said.

    By Feb. 8, 2023
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    Win McNamee via Getty Images

    Fed’s Powell sees ‘significant road ahead’ to curb inflation

    Fed policymakers will probably push up borrowing costs at coming meetings even though some measures of inflation have eased somewhat, Powell said.

    By Feb. 7, 2023
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    Win McNamee via Getty Images

    Fed slows tightening pace but signals more rate hikes to come

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell predicted that the U.S. will avoid recession in 2023 while saying the Fed should lean toward tightening too much rather than too little.

    By Feb. 1, 2023
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    Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

    Wage growth slows, blunting threat of wage-price spiral

    Federal Reserve policymakers say that a steady decline in wage growth is essential for a sustained easing of inflation.

    By Jan. 31, 2023
  • the exterior of the federal reserve building in washington, dc
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    crbellette via Getty Images

    Accountants may underestimate impact of Fed tightening: survey

    “Further monetary tightening appears inevitable,” the ACCA and IMA said as the Federal Reserve prepared for a two-day policy meeting beginning Tuesday.

    By Jan. 30, 2023
  • Several states cut corporate tax rates for 2023

    Many states are competing for businesses by reducing corporate tax rates as of Jan. 1, the Tax Foundation said.

    By Jan. 25, 2023
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    Damir Khabirov via Getty Images

    Working from home boosts working time: NBER paper

    The number of U.S. employees who work remotely has more than tripled during the pandemic. Workers who forgo a commute spend more time at work, researchers said.

    By Jan. 24, 2023