• Iterative approach called best when migrating to new ERP

    Trying to solve big problems when core issues remain unresolved can lead to unnecessary costs and complications, says Jason Maynard of Oracle NetSuite.

    By Nov. 22, 2021
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    Close faster and with more confidence by implementing an integrated and automated financial close solution

    As organizations continue to grow, the technology needed to support back-office teams must keep up with the pace of change and acceleration.

    Nov. 8, 2021
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    Leveraging automation to tap the strategic insight of your AP/AR staff

    Accounts payable and accounts receivable staff freed up from manaual tasks can add strategic value by helping finance leaders better manage cash and working capital.  

    By CFO Dive staff
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    5 ways to add resilience to your financial close

    Prepare your financial close cycle for 2022 with these five best practices.

    By Muneerah Kanji, Vice President, Finance at Vena • Nov. 1, 2021
  • Automation increasing strategic value of AP/AR operations

    As technologies assume rote tasks, accounts payable and accounts receivable staff can help companies look ahead with cash flow, working capital projections.

    By Ramona Dzinkowski • Oct. 21, 2021
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    Automation called key to improved AP compliance

    The less opportunity for human intervention, the more likely a company’s accounts payable processing will align with internal fraud-prevention guidelines.

    By Ed McCarthy • Oct. 11, 2021
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    The great techxodus to Florida

    The pandemic caused tech firms to reexamine business needs and sent them towards the Sunshine State.

    Oct. 4, 2021
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    3 intelligent reasons you can't delay AP automation any longer

    AP automation can make a huge impact, and given the advances in intelligent technologies, now is the time to act.

    By Jason Vincelette, Director of Product and Business Management, North America, Basware • Sept. 27, 2021
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    AI poses threat to trust in business: OECD

    As CFOs step up investment in AI, its growing complexity has created “an important challenge for trust and accountability,” the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said.

    By Sept. 24, 2021
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    Inspiring the next generation of "digital native" finance leaders

    Advanced technologies like AI elevate the role of finance, better drive competitive advantage

    By Alok Ajmera, President and CEO of Prophix Software • Sept. 20, 2021
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    The rise of next-gen CPM 3.0 for more dynamic business performance

    Nimble and quick reporting and continuous reforecasting is the new necessity for business success 

    By Alok Ajmera, CEO of Prophix Software • Sept. 13, 2021
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    How digital workflows for the office of the CFO enable successful transformation across the enterprise

    Using digital workflows allows employees to collaborate and grow, further driving value to the organization.

    Sept. 13, 2021
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    Hyperautomation, 'intelligent composable business' next CFO priorities: Gartner

    Automation works best when it's accompanied by an organizational structure that doesn't stand in the way of quick changes in focus, the research firm says. 

    By Ted Knutson • Sept. 9, 2021
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    CFOs leveraging APIs to improve decision making

    The back-office technology is becoming important to data integration, giving finance leaders better tools for executing their strategy.

    By Ted Knutson • Sept. 9, 2021
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    Work backwards when replacing legacy systems, accounting specialists say

    Launching new technology before knowing which dashboards and reports are most useful to individual accounting and non-finance team users will result in less-than-optimal results.

    By Sept. 7, 2021
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    PopTika, Shutterstock

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    Machine learning and AI to revolutionize CFO operations

    As a subset of AI technology, machine learning provides the tools to optimize every aspect of the workflow - from data capture to analytics. 

    By Khushboo Koutu, Marketing Director • Sept. 7, 2021
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    Transformation starts with fixing one big tech problem, former Oracle CFO says

    Identify the application that’s causing the most frustration, inside and outside finance, and make progress on that to gain credibility for additional overhauls, says Jeff Epstein.

    By Aug. 23, 2021
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    Leveraging financial close automation to scale and grow your business

    Many organizations are turning to financial close automation software to reduce manual processes and improve their financial data's overall visibility and accuracy.

    Aug. 23, 2021
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    BitPay CFO: long-time crypto users incentivized to keep spending

    Despite its recent controversies, cryptocurrency is well on its way to “emerge as the next evolution to modern alternative payments,” Jagruti Solanki, CFO of Bitcoin and payment provider BitPay, said Friday.

    By Aug. 20, 2021
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    Payments said to have role in raising customer value, lowering acquisition costs

    Stop thinking of payments as a commodity process, say payments specialists; it can be a strategic value-add by reducing failed transactions and churn.

    By Aug. 19, 2021
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    Corporates embracing fintech at 'fever pitch': KPMG

    The rise of the digital consumer and intensifying cybersecurity concerns will speed the flow of corporate venture capital into fintech in coming months, a KPMG report said.

    By Aug. 16, 2021
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    As the IPO market continues to heat up, building out the FP&A function takes on renewed urgency

    Today's fast-paced IPO market requires FP&A teams to deliver top-notch budgeting, forecasting and analytical expertise.

    Aug. 16, 2021
  • xP&A is ready for prime time, but not every organization is ready for it

    Platforms designed to integrate financial with operational planning can expand enterprise performance management capabilities if finance leaders have the right technology and culture, Gartner says.

    By Aug. 11, 2021
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    Empowering your remote or hybrid workforce by automating your financial close process

    To keep up with the growing workload for finance teams, especially from COVID-19, organizations are adopting automation to eliminate manual repetitive tasks.

    Aug. 9, 2021
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    CFOs seeking cash encouraged to consider IP address leasing

    Global demand means top dollar for companies with excess capacity they want to monetize, says a broker.

    By Aug. 4, 2021
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    Mastercard CFO: consumers 'ready and willing' to increase spending

    “The U.S. has always been a laggard when it comes to contactless payments, but that’s changing,” Sachin Mehra says. 

    By Aug. 3, 2021