Mesh Payments Introduces SaaS Payment Management; A New Level of Spend Intelligence and Insights to Help Organizations Optimize Subscription Spending

October 26, 2021
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Mesh Payments
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Groundbreaking Suite of Capabilities Gives Finance Managers Deep Spending Insights to Effectively Manage and Continuously Optimize SaaS Services Across Their Lifecycle

NEW YORK, October 26, 2021 -- Mesh Payments, a leading corporate payment and spend management provider, today announced the expansion of its spend management platform with a new, industry-first  suite of SaaS payment management capabilities that give finance managers an upgraded level of insight into corporate spend with new tools and products to help them optimize it. Available now, SaaS Payment Management from Mesh reinforces the company’s mission to transform the way finance teams operate by providing them with the intelligent insights required to fully optimize SaaS spending across the organization in real-time.  

Today’s announcement also reflects Mesh’s rapid growth trajectory as the volume of payments supported has grown 10x since January 2021. The company was also recently named  as one of the top 100 EU & Israel cloud companies in the 2021 Accel Euroscape Report.

Today’s modern organizations are run using SaaS products, with many companies using 100 or more services at any given time. The sheer number of these subscriptions presents a multitude of challenges, including duplicate subscriptions, services that are no longer needed, and paying for far too many licenses.

SaaS Payment Management cuts through these challenges by allowing businesses to manage all corporate SaaS spending in one place, with deep insights such as usage information and a complete  understanding of company workflows and integrations. As part of the Mesh spend management platform, no other solution provides this level of support to finance managers -- the right persona within organizations to fully optimize spending.

“As SaaS products have become a vital lifeline and significant portion of many businesses’ budgets, they have also become one of the biggest pain points for finance teams faced with duplicate subscriptions, services and paying for too many licenses,” said Oded Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of Mesh Payments. “A platform that helps finance teams manage subscription spending is long overdue, and for the first time, financial decision-makers now have the power to optimize their SaaS spend quickly and easily. With visibility into all of the insights around SaaS subscriptions under their organization’s umbrella, they have the tools to gain insight into which subscriptions are working for--or against--the business.”  

Groundbreaking, Unmatched SaaS Payment Management and Intelligence

SaaS Payment Management is much more than simply identifying duplicate subscriptions or managing licenses; it's a central hub where business leaders manage all SaaS products collaboratively to make more strategic decisions. Key features of Mesh Payments’ new SaaS Payment Management capabilities include:

  • Connected to all SaaS Platforms. Offers an intuitive and automatic understanding of what each of an organization’s SaaS platforms is, and what each is used for.
  • Subscription optimization using AI. Powers the ability for finance teams to understand how many team members are using each product and whether the company is paying for more licenses than are currently being used.
  • Full SaaS payment control and visibility. Enables financial decision-makers to implement preset guidelines to automatically approve or deny SaaS purchases, including locking credit cards to specific vendors and setting spend limits for individual employees. 
  • Intelligent workflows and accounting system integration. Allows finance teams to automate workflow across the entire process from approval to receipt collection. 

The new SaaS Payment Management capabilities are available to all Mesh customers for no additional cost, connecting with unlimited SaaS apps and with no maximum on the number of users. For more information on SaaS Payment Management, visit:    

Mesh Payments transforms the way finance teams operate with it’s cardless spend platform that centralizes all payments in one powerful system. We empower finance managers with visibility over their entire business so they are equipped with all the insights they need to optimize spend, along with full control and automation, ensuring they always save time and effort. For more information please visit For further information please contact: [email protected]