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    metamorworks, 1079939122 via Getty Images
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    3 tactics to solve sales compensation concerns and improve retention

    With resignations rising among sales teams, the onus falls on finance to ensure pay structures work to entice reps to stay.  

    Feb. 28, 2022
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    Courtesy of Toast Inc.

    Toast CFO leans into tactical investments for market share

    “As CFO it’s my role to make sure I take the strategy and paint the picture with numbers,” Elena Gomez said.  

    By Feb. 25, 2022
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    CFO best practices: lessons from the trenches

    Leaders share operational and strategic learnings from their years in the top finance seat.  

    By CFO Dive staff
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    Navigating the CFO-CEO, and CFO-board minefield

    Finance leaders can operate most effectively if they have an independent relationship with directors, but managing that relationship without violating the chain of command is different in every organization.

    By Ted Knutson • Feb. 25, 2022
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    Courtesy of Aristea

    First-time biotech CFO strategizes for future with or without big pharma

    Aristea Therapeutics' CFO Justin Thacker says the company has a $100 million cash runway that will take it into 2024. 

    By Feb. 23, 2022
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    When did CFOs become the guardians of organizations?

    The future where CFOs will be value architects and builders in the digital world, rather than ledger-keepers, is not hard to imagine anymore.

    By Suresh Nambiar, AVP, Infosys BPM • Feb. 22, 2022
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    Courtesy of Prologis

    Board work helps pave way for Prologis' internal CFO pick

    “In Tim’s various roles he had quite a bit of exposure to the board and to senior management so he was very much a known quantity,” outgoing Prologis CFO Tom Olinger said.

    By Feb. 18, 2022
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    pixelfit via Getty Images

    Female CFOs' more cautious earnings talk has payoffs

    Women tend to give shorter, less upbeat and clearer presentations and to include more numbers and fewer euphemisms in earnings calls, according to Kate Suslava of Bucknell University. 

    By Feb. 16, 2022
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    Courtesy of Clene

    New Clene CFO to focus on financing runway amid beaten down sector, rising rates

     “The key is to be prepared for when there is opportunity and to have enough arrows in your quiver,” said Clene CFO Morgan Brown.

    By Feb. 14, 2022
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    Photo by Eugene Angoluk from Pexels

    Women's U.S. board seat gains are middle of the pack globally

    “Anecdotally, what we understand from most boards that we work with is that their first preference is a sitting or former CEO and the second preference is a sitting or former CFO,” said Dan Konigsburg of Deloitte.

    By Feb. 11, 2022
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    Few companies tie CFO compensation to ESG performance

    The disconnect between pay and how well companies meet environmental, social and governance goals could lead to perceptions of ‘purpose-washing,’ Deloitte says.

    By Robert Freedman • Feb. 9, 2022
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    Photo illustration by Maura Sadovi/CFO Dive; photograph by Cindy Ord via Getty Images

    Hertz taps former Goldman exec as CFO-to-CEO path continues to widen

    The increasingly operational and strategic roles that CFOs have taken on in recent years better equip them to become CEOs, according to Josh Crist of Crist|Kolder Associates. 

    By Feb. 7, 2022
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    Courtesy of Solo Brands

    Solo Brands CFO to depart

    Sam Simmons saw the company through its initial public offering last year, one of many IPOs among DTC brands.

    By Daphne Howland • Feb. 7, 2022
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    Courtesy of Sprinkles

    Sprinkles' new CFO to guide cupcake maker's growth, navigate inflation

    Like many companies facing rising input costs, Sprinkles recently raised prices, bringing the average cost of one of its cupcakes to $4.50.  

    By Feb. 4, 2022
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    Megan Quinn/CFO Dive

    More states step up to guide LIBOR transition, provide stopgap solution

    States are recognizing that they may not be able to wait for a federal solution. 

    By Feb. 3, 2022
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    Photo by Eugene Angoluk from Pexels

    DE&I gains in private equity firms despite being rare deal-breaker – EY

    Private equity firms are feeling some pressure from limited partners to pursue diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, according to Kyle Burrell of EY.

    By Feb. 2, 2022
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    Courtesy of Fender

    Long-term investor frees new Fender CFO to think bigger than exit

    Servco Pacific allows Fender to consider strategic opportunities that private equity would typically shy away from, according to Matt Janopaul.

    By Jan. 28, 2022
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    Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

    C-suite sees war for talent topping risks in 'expensive' 2022: PwC

    Executives will face rising travel costs this year as the pandemic evolves into an endemic, according to Tim Ryan of PwC. 

    By Jan. 27, 2022
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    Sean Gallup via Getty Images

    NEXT Insurance CFO aims to focus growth, spending

    “The old question that never gets old is, ‘how do you balance growth and profitability?’” Teodora Gouneva said. 

    By Jan. 26, 2022
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    Courtesy of Kraft Heinz Canada

    Kraft Heinz looks inside to tap new CFO Andre Maciel

    Maciel has the type of cultural profile that 3G Capital likes and the skill set they love, according to Josh Crist, co-managing partner at Crist | Kolder Associates. 

    By Jan. 25, 2022
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    "LIBOR" by Alpha Stock Images is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 / Edited by NA/CFO Dive

    Dawn of post-LIBOR era brings SOFR, operational challenges to CFOs

    More work needs to be done to assure a seamless transition "when the switch is actually thrown in the middle of next year," Deloitte's Alexey Surkov said.

    By Jan. 21, 2022
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    skynesher via Getty Images

    C-suites see record high female CEO, CFOs, rise in black CFOs: Crist|Kolder

    Despite diversity gains, whites and men still hold nearly 90% of CEO, CFO and COO positions, the survey found.

    By Jan. 20, 2022
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    CarParts.com CFO loads up inventory as just-in-time delivery loses favor

    In this environment, companies that have what customers want, when they want it, are the ones coming out on top, CFO David Meniane says, but he predicts the pendulum swinging back in 2023.

    By Jan. 19, 2022
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    Divestitures – the ace of a tool up a CFO's arm to survive and thrive in crises

    The crisis of the pandemic has surely left companies across sectors with unprecedented challenges in the face of a tepid economic situation. In such a scenario, finance leaders are uniquely positioned to lead the path to recovery for companies by instilling a cash culture across the organization ...

    By Lalitha Narni, Senior Domain Principal & Raman Deep Kedia, Domain Principal, Infosys BPM • Jan. 18, 2022
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    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    Conductor's first female CFO pushes her own boundaries to join former WeWork company

    A self-described risk-averse person by nature, Conductor's Sherri Moyen says she's been inspired by Sheryl Sandberg and others to choose risk over comfort.

    By Jan. 14, 2022
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    hanibaram via Getty Images

    Easing the transition from private to public company

    Finance organizations can prepare by understanding what happens after the IPO.

    By Pat Voll and Maureen Ryan • Jan. 11, 2022