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    FTC orders fixes at Dun & Bradstreet, citing report errors

    Dun & Bradstreet must overhaul how it gathers credit information and provide refunds to subscribers of its CreditBuilder product, the FTC said. 

    By April 8, 2022
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    Federal auditor watchdog fines former KPMG vice chair $100,000

    The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board fined the former head of KPMG’s U.S. audit business soon after releasing a report on how audit firms can improve their work.

    By April 6, 2022
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    Goodwill impairment expected to rise, reverse course in 2022: Kroll

    The anticipated increase in goodwill impairment this year comes after the pandemic and the subsequent economic recovery whipsawed levels in recent years, according to Kroll data. 

    By April 6, 2022
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    Russian invasion impact challenges auditors: PCAOB

    Auditors need to be on alert for several business disruptions from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that increase the risk that companies will misstate financial results, a federal regulator said.

    By April 4, 2022
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    M&A slumps 23% during first quarter amid headwinds

    Geopolitical tensions, threats to economic growth and other risks discouraged deal-makers during the first three months of 2022, according to Refinitiv.

    By April 1, 2022
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    SEC proposes tougher disclosure rules for SPACs

    A Securities and Exchange Commission proposal caps months of sharper scrutiny of SPACs and coincides with a slump in the market for the so-called blank-check companies.

    By March 30, 2022
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    Surging inflation compelling small businesses to raise prices

    Inflation is broad based – flaring in every sector – and will probably persist longer than initially expected, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said.

    By March 29, 2022
  • Twilio engineers tipped usage metrics to friends, SEC charges

    Supporting the accounting team on billing gave software specialists an early look at an upcoming business spurt from the rise of remote work, which they used to make big stock gains. 

    By Robert Freedman • March 29, 2022
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    Cyber extortion surges 78% on spread of 'ransomware-as-a-service'

    Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and, at most companies, require a recovery period of more than a month, according to Palo Alto Networks.

    By March 28, 2022
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    Data pose biggest hurdle to ESG disclosure: Deloitte

    Gathering credible data on greenhouse gas emissions by suppliers and other third-party business partners has emerged as one of the most difficult steps in sustainability reporting.

    By March 25, 2022
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    Biden tightens Russia sanctions as supply chain recovery falters

    The prices of oil, metals and other commodities have surged since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, complicating efforts by CFOs to overcome the harm from supply chain disruptions.

    By March 24, 2022
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    Companies must venture into 'jungle' of approaches to ESG ratings

    CFOs committed to providing sustainability disclosures confront a confusing variety of inconsistent standards and measurements, according to a panel of experts.

    By March 23, 2022
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    SEC proposes 'rules of the road' for climate-risk disclosures

    Investors with $130 trillion in assets under management have pushed for consistent, comparable disclosures on climate risk, SEC Chair Gary Gensler said Monday.

    By March 21, 2022
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    Fairness opinion could give SPAC target companies peace of mind

    The legal tactic mitigates the management headache that can occur after the de-SPAC transaction if there’s a conflict between the sponsor of the special purpose acquisition company and its investors.

    By James Hanson • March 21, 2022
  • UMass CFO on how his team overcame monthlong payroll system shutdown

    UMass Memorial Health had to quickly improvise a way to run payroll for more than 16,000 employees without hours-worked data, CFO Sergio Melgar told HR Dive.

    By Ryan Golden • March 21, 2022
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    Shell faces lawsuit as SEC prepares carbon crackdown

    The SEC plans Monday to announce a proposed rule for carbon emissions disclosure just days after Shell came under fire from activists saying it needs a solid strategy to curb climate risk.

    By March 18, 2022
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    'Fourth-party risk' rising during supply chain disruption

    Businesses seeking to curb the threats from cyberattacks, high inflation and pandemic interruptions confront an added layer of risk from sub-contractors, KPMG said.

    By March 17, 2022
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    Inflation gauges rising as Fed weighs cutting stimulus

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spurred inflation and complicated efforts by the Federal Reserve to curb price gains without harming employment and economic growth.

    By March 15, 2022
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    Risks persist with some LIBOR legacy contracts: Fitch

    Recently passed federal legislation may not avert disruptions from some financial contracts linked to LIBOR that need to adopt a new benchmark rate.

    By March 14, 2022
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    Deep Dive

    CFOs hold pay raises far below inflation despite war for talent

    CFOs are spurring resignations by letting inflation far outpace wage gains. They can take steps to improve employee retention even as prices increase at the highest rate in four decades.

    By March 11, 2022
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    Quitting workers seek higher pay, advancement: Pew

    Workers have quit at a record rate as the tight labor market bolsters their confidence in landing better jobs.

    By March 10, 2022
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    SEC pushes for tougher cybersecurity disclosure rules

    SEC Chair Gary Gensler said investors demand more detailed information about how companies seek to curb the risk and costs of cyberattacks.

    By March 9, 2022
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    Small businesses see inflation as No. 1 challenge

    The highest inflation in four decades has eroded profit margins and compelled small businesses to raise prices, the National Federation of Independent Business said.

    By March 8, 2022
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    Senators introduce bipartisan bill to avert LIBOR turmoil

    The Senate and U.S. House are nearing alignment on legislation that would head off instability from financial contracts that fail to identify a new reference rate after LIBOR sunsets in 2023.

    By March 7, 2022
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    Sadovi, Maura. (2022). "Kyiv Independent" [photograph]. Retrieved from Kyiv Independent.

    Kyiv Independent CFO taps crowdfunding for Ukrainian journalists

    “We needed to have resources to be able to support media immediately because in this kind of situation … hours matter, sometimes minutes,” said CFO Jakub Parusinski.

    By March 7, 2022